Friday, July 2, 2010

A couple things...

Hey guys! Just a couple little snippets of news.

1. Well first, we have created a seperate challenge page located under fun stuff, so you can get all info for current, past, and future challenges there.

2. To make it easier for you to find certain posts, in the very bottom of the left side bar is our tags list. Basically, this makes it so you can find all things that have been tagged by the same word. (For example all posts for the word "july", "news", or "challenge.") We have done this so it is easier for you to get around the post. Some past posts haven't been tagged and probably won't be because it's not important for some of them. (Like reviews which have their own directory.) Again, we have done this for your convenience and also, because we have a limited amount of pages we can have. Use this feature to your advantage. It helps you find memes and news updates with less of a hassle.

Anyways, that's our little update. Please join our July challenge! And follow us on twitter! (Twitter also in left sidebar.)

Love always,


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