Thursday, July 29, 2010

Book Blogger Hop (2)

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Who is your favorite new-to-you author so far this year?

Shelbie's Answer:
 Wow. This is hard because some books I can't remember if I started reading last year or this year... I think mine is Holly Black. I loved White Cat so much! It was fantabulous! I am looking forward to reading her other books!
Comment with your post and tell me what you think of this post and Holly Black! :)




  1. Hi, just stopping in from the Blog Hop. I'm your newest follower.

  2. Thank you! Now we have have three nice neat rows! :)

  3. Just popping in via the hop to say hi! I haven't read anything by Holly Black but I've heard really good things about White Cat, so I might have to add that to my ever-growing list. I see you are counting down to Clockwork Angel as well, can't wait to read that one! Glad to have found your blog:)

  4. Great choice. I loved White Cat. I want to go back and read her other books now.
    Alison Can Read

  5. I have heard of this book but haven't read it. Sounds good!

    I'm Hopping here

  6. Hey =)

    I'm stopping by from the Book Blog Hop

    and I'm a new Follower!

    I have White Cat here, but I havent read it yet =P

    Have a wonderful weekend & Happy Reading!

    Welcome to Larissa's Bookish Life

  7. I'm hopping in from the hop! HOW DID YOU GET YOUR HEADER SO CUTE!! Love the Genre of the month!

  8. Hello, I'm stopping by from the hop. I love your header! It's so beautiful. Happy reading this weekend!

  9. hi! i found you through the hop, and i'm now a follower. your site is adorable!

    i haven't read white cat yet, but i've seen it around and i'll probably check it out :)

    have a great weekend!

    erika breathes books

  10. Hi, hopping by from the Blog Hop! How nice that you're doing this blog together! Do you also read each other's books?

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Hi - just Hopping by! Your header is absolutely gorgeous; I really hope one of you owns that pug :). I haven't actually read any Holly Black yet but I've got a copy of White Cat coming soon so looking forward to that!x

  12. Stopping by from the hop and decided to follow you.

    Is it your library on the header? If so, I am a bit envious ;) Looks like a great place to read!

  13. Hi, Shelbie and Amanda!

    Found you in the book hop. :) now a follower of your lovely blog. :)

    Holly Black's White Cat was awesome! Her Valiant is good as well. Loved it.

    Happy reading!

    Musings of a Reader Happy

  14. Just Hopping by to say have a great weekend!

    I'll have to read Holly Black soon :)

  15. Just stopping by for the hop!!!! I hope you are having a good weekend! Love your header!

    Feel free to stop by my place Addicted To Romance

    Happy Reading!

  16. At the moment I write this I am your newest follower. It seems like you guys are pro-blogging and read YA to adult PNR and such. I have a blog u should be 18 and over to read. Hope you can vist and follow.
    Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust

  17. Stopping by from the Hop --- Holly Black's a great choice! And -- love your header picture! :)

  18. Stopping by from the hop. I love your header! Have a great weekend!

  19. OMG I knew Holly did the spiderwick books but didn't know about the others. I will have to check her out more.

    Greetings from Tresa via the HOP!