Friday, July 23, 2010

Booking Through Thursday (3)

Hey guys! First of all i am SO SORRY for being MIA, like Amanda said in her note below we've both been really focused on getting our summer reading books done, I want to get all of mine done by the first week in August, and I have two books left so I didn't really have time to fun read lately :( also, if you follow us on twitter ( you'd know that I was sort of in a reading slum. But I promise to still be more active as much as I can! Anyway, to the actual meme,

Do you ever listen to book-related podcasts?
If so, which ones and why? (Include the URLs for people who aren’t familiar with them.)
Or, of course, there’s the flip side … did you even know that such a thing existed?

Shelbie's Answer-
 Honestly, I only sort of barely know what podcasts are. Will someone explain them to me? I know they exist and I know authors do them sometimes, but I don't really know what they do exactly. So I guess that will answer my question of do you listen to them? No. :)
Amanda's Answer-
 Ummmm I've heard of podcasts, but not book related ones. So honestly, no, I don't listen to them.
As always leave your responses below with links to your BTT and let us know what you thought of ours!

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