Thursday, July 15, 2010

Booking Through Thursday (3)

Hey Guys, this is a weekly meme hosted by Booking Through Thursday, Amanda and I really enjoy this meme, and I hope you do too! Comment linking to your answer and tell us what you thought of ours!

When you think about “hot reading,” what does that make you think of? Beach reading? Steamy romances? Books that take place in hot climates? Or cold ones?

Shelbie's Answer -

Oh Gosh, When I think of "hot reading", I have no idea what I think of, probably either reading when it's terribly hot outside or where the books are really steamy and hot! I havn't really thought about it much though :)

Amanda's Answer-
Hot reading? Ummm..... I actually have no idea! Probably being unbearably hot underneath my bedcovers reading during a summer night or books with hot guys!

Like I said, comment with yours and let me know what you thought of ours!

xoxo and Love Always,

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