Friday, July 8, 2011

Harry Potter Week!

Okay it's officially 7 days before I see the final installment of the Harry Potter series....

Cue the tears.

One of my friends tweeted:

And I thought, well, isn't that an awesome idea. So naturally, I'm borrowing the idea and changing it a little bit.

This is Harry Potter week, I've asked one of my friends who posted this guest post for the last Harry Potter release to help me out this week, but seeing as it is 3:21 am, I don't think we will get an answer until a more feasible hour for a human being to be awake.

So Lauren, Amanda and I will try and work out what will go up this week. Maybe featuring some other guest posts.

If you would like to be a part (which would be really cool) Tweet us (@mortalslibrary) or type up a quick email ( saying you want to be a part and I'd be happy to include you.

Let's make sure we go out with a bang peeps.


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