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Guest Post - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Very much like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 Lauren agreed to do a second post with her thoughts on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 which we saw at midnight. I hope everyone enjoys her guest post and be sure to post your thoughts in the comments.


Hello again everybody! Lauren here with a Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 review! I'm going to warn you that I just watched the movie for a 2nd time and am sort of an emotional wreck so I might ramble.

I'm going to start by saying this movie was incredible, phenomenal and fantastic. Every part of the film made it this incredible piece of art that I could watch all day long. The music, acting, sets, colors, tones, sounds and themes were all amazing. The beginning to me felt a little rushed, as it was only about 5 minutes before they were at Gringotts but then the action started and never ended. The battle scenes were so incredible; the special effects work on the magic and dueling was really great. One of my favorite parts of the battle was the Giants, they weren't overdone and I thought they worked really nicely. Then Ron and Hermione went down to the Chamber of Secrets and they kissed. It was really adorable and for the rest of the film the whole Ron/Hermione dynamic was adorable.

After the Room of Requirement, things started getting really emotional for me. We were taken to the boathouse where Voldemort and Snape had their final confrontation. When Harry went in and sat knelt down to Snape I lost it. Alan Rickman, who plays Snape, did an absolutely phenomenal job, the way he portrayed Snape's emotions had me completely broken down. The Prince's Tale was my favorite chapter of the entire series and I felt the film did it a justice. Again, when Snape was holding Lily I just bawled. After this scene, Harry went to the forest, another very well done part with his parents, Sirius and Lupin.

The rest of the movie was really good as well, Neville was awesome, the final battle was amazing, the Draco-Voldemort hug was awkward, and Voldemort's death was good. The epilogue was also good but I wish they had included more of the dialogue from the book. Overall the movie was awesome; there were a few things I didn't like however;

1. Young Lily's eyes were brown. "You have your mother's eyes" was such a great thing, but it doesn't work when young Lily's eyes were brown.

2. They didn't include much of Aberforth telling Harry about Dumbledore and his past.

3. The Deathly Hallows were a very minimal part of the movie, Harry asked Ollivander about them and we heard the story but there wasn't much else on the topic. It is called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is it not? And in the book one of the big conflicts was will Harry become overtaken with the desire to attain the Hallows like Dumbledore? or will he stick to destroying the Horcruxes?

4. I though it was too short. They could have easily put in more from the book without making it too long.

5. Finally, Harry didn't repair his wand in the end. Harry's wand is such an important part of him, it saved him from Voldemort so many times and we never got closure on it in the movie.

In conclusion, the movie was awesome, Neville and McGonagall are awesome, Voldemort shouldn't hug anyone, Harry wins, Ron and Hermione belong together, none of the cast members should stop acting because they are awesome and Alan Rickman deserves every acting award out there.

Ratings on a scale of 1-10

Movie Overall- 9.7/10

Emotional Trigger- 10/10

Acting- 10/10

Music- 10/10

Special Effects- 10/10

Book to Movie Adaptation- 9.5/10

Just a little side note, I saw this movie at midnight and it was amazing but the fact that I saw it with some of my best friends just made it all the better. I ended my childhood with my favorite fictional characters and my favorite real characters.

Thank You Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Snape, Dumbledore, all other HP characters and JK Rowling, But also Thank You to those who sat with me at the end, you know who you are.


(A little side note from me, Lauren and I videoed a lot of us waiting in line before the movie on my phone, so I'm planning on doing a little vlog with it but it probably looks like crap and might not be up for a while)

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  1. TOTALLY agree about #1 and #4. LOL about Voldemort's hug! That was so funny.