Review Policy:
We do not review 100% of the books we accept for review. The only guaranteed reviews are for blog tours. However, we try to review all the books we receive. We also sometimes post our reviews on Goodreads, Randombuzzers, or Librarything as well as on the blog.  Favorable reviews are not guaranteed. We reserve the right to post honest reviews that reflect our viewpoints. However, we are far from being scathing reviewers.

 ARCs received for review will usually be reviewed within a month of the release date. Finished copies can take anywhere from 1 to 3 months to review, but we try to finish the reviews sooner. You will receive an e-mail as soon as the book review is up. 

What we read: We read basically any genre of YA, but we particularly enjoy urban fantasy, paranormal, dystopian, contemporary fiction, chick lit, and mystery. We also like our books with a little romance in them. (To get a better taste of what we like go to our category/tag cloud in the right side bar and click on 5 star or 4 star. Those are the books we gave favorable reviews to.)

Genres we don't accept: Any adult fiction or non-fiction, young adult non-fiction, and spiritual/religious fiction.

If you want to send us something or just contact us, e-mail us at themortalslibrary@gmail.com

Interview/Publicity Policy:

If you are an author or publisher, we very much appreciate you wanting to use our blog for promotion/publicity reasons. If you would like to be showcased at The Mortal's Library you can contact us at themortalslibrary@gmail.com. We check our email constantly and we'd be happy to promote! We also do interviews with different YA authors and can host contests for you if you would like!

Contest Policy:
  • Contests are open to those 13 years of age or older. 
  • We are in no way responsible for any prizes that are lost or damaged in the mail (But will feel bad for you!)
  • We will always contact the winner via email. 
  • If said winner did not supply a shipping address in the contest entry form, they have 3 days to reply to our e-mail with their shipping information. After that, a new winner is chosen.
  • We hold the right to end or extend a contest without any prior notice.
  • We have the right to disqualify any entry as we see fit.
  • All contests are US only unless stated otherwise. (Sorry, but our piggy banks can't pay for International shipping!)  
Other important info:
  • Check deadlines!  
  • Eligibility for contests may vary, so check before you enter.
  • Follow contest instructions.
  • Most contest/giveaway winners are selected using random.org. We will make a note on contest entry pages if we choose to pick the winners in a different way.
*** If you have items you would like to donate to a contest or giveaway we (and our piggy banks) thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We love to thank our readers by not only offering fun posts and content, but by also having occasional giveaways.  You can contact us at themortalslibrary@gmail.com You are not obligated to donate anything, but like we said, it is MUCH APPRECIATED. Also, items donated for giveaways aren't always given away right away. They may be stockpiled to go with a themed giveaway later. If you have requirements for anything donated to give away, notify us via e-mail.***

Annual Events involving giveaways, author and guest posts, and reviews: 
Fantasyfest (August/September): fantasy/paranormal related posts, giveaways, and reviews. 
Bookmas (December/January): All genres, consisting of our favorite reads of the past year and most anticipated of the next year.
Birthday Extravaganza! (April/May): In celebration of both of our birthdays and blogiversary. All genres, consisting of our favorite books of all time or any fun books we want to give away. 

We are always looking for bloggers, authors, and publishers to participate in these events through guest posts, interviews, or giveaways. 

Thank you for cooperating with The Mortal's Library's policies!

xoxo and love always,
Shelbie, Amanda, and Jenni