Monday, August 16, 2010

We need feedback!

Hey guys, as you probably know, we are a relatively new blog. We're only about 3 1/2 months old, and have only been on Blogger since late June (we used Webs before). So, while we have improved our blog (at least by our standards), there is a lot more we could do! Unfortunately, there are some ideas that may be appealing to us, but not very appealing to you. Anyways, we want to hear what you think. We want to know... what do you like about our blog? What don't you like? What do you want to see more/less of on our blog? Do you like when we posts memes, or don't you? (Personally, I like a few, but I think we might have too many.) We want to hear what you think! Just comment on this, tweet us , or e-mail us. We really want to know what you think, after all, we don't jsut blog for our enjoyment, it's only fun if you like it too!

Anyways, either comment on this post to tell us what you think, or shoot us a tweet or e-mail!

Twitter: @shelbieamanda

Thank you so much!

Love always,



  1. I really do like mems, I do a few and I really think they get info out to readers. Keep up the good work. I know how hard it is to get started. I am a new blogger too!

  2. Well clearly you're doing something right since you have a hundred followers!! WaWaWeWaaa!! I've never been a really long guest posts. Love the reviews. Not a fan of IMM, only because every Wed, my dashboard is filled with them. I did love the rant on the YA section of the book store. LOL. I always love teaser quotes from books. :)

  3. ok i meant to say ive never really been a fan of really long guest posts but for some reason i didnt just misspell a word, i left one out all together. i think my brain didnt relay the type to my hands. lol. anyway, keep up the good work on the awesome blog!! oh and WOOOO minnesota!!!

  4. I actually really like your blog! You've got a nice layout and great content! The only thing I would say is that the side bar is a little overwhelming. I would try and keep the count downs together as well as the giveaways and such. Or split sides so there's a column on each. Other than that I really like your blog! :)

  5. Keep doing what you are doing:)It attracted me.