Monday, August 23, 2010

A Look at Panem

In honor of the final book to The Hunger Games trilogy. I found a map of Panem and I thought it would be fun to see what district everyone is from! Here's the map:

*** I should probably mention there is Hunger Games and Catching Fire spoilers below that relate to our district if you haven't read them you probably shouldn't read this***

I think Amanda and I are from District 8 but we're kind of on the border between 8 and 10.

Our tributes didn't have offical names which is kind of sad. Can I name them? I'll let you name them in the comments if you want :) But our district is the one where the first rebels Katniss meets in the woods are from. We are the ones that staged the rebellion while Katniss got proposed to.

District 8 was one of the districts that President Snow was concerned about, mainly for the uprisings. On the night when President Snow read the card for the Quarter Quell, District Eight rose up and fought against its Peacekeeping force. The Peacekeepers were caught off guard and overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the mob. The Peacekeepers' Headquarters, the Justice Building, the armory, and the Communications Center were all secured by the rebels. However, the Capital responded by sending in thousands of Peacekeepers and using Hovercrafts to bomb the rebel strongholds. The rebels began to flee and the forward momentum slowed, then stopped. Everything went into a lockdown mode, and no one was allowed out of their houses for a while. The factories were shut down and the only time the T.V. played anything but static was when it showed suspected rebel instigators being executed. Eventually things returned to normal but the Capital blew up one large factory when they found out the talk of rebellion started there.

So, yeah. Amanda and I are a part of the rebel district. What district are you?

Ps. I think it'd be really fun to copy the map and do your own post about the history of your district.

Pps. If you are underwater, I'm sorry! That sucks. Just go to whatever district is closest :) and if your out of country pick a random district and that can be where you live :)

Happy Hunger Games :)



  1. I think District 2 and District 11 cut right down the middle of my hometown!

  2. I know the feeling, I swear we are right on the point between 8, 6, and 10.

  3. I'm right in between the border of 8 and 10 too!(:

  4. im definitely district 8. wooo!! the midwest grain belt is rebellious. lol. I'm going to copy this and put it on my blog too. :)

    i cant remember the tributes from district 8 in the books though can you?

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  6. oh nevermind. found it here. and i used your guest post. check this out though. its pretty cool. all things hunger games.

    and heres my blog post:

  7. This map is very cool! I was on a book chat tonight for Mockingjay and one of the gals posted this link. That map is just what I needed to visualize everything. I would be right in the center of 6 & 8. I am in Northern Illinois so it is hard to tell. Thank you for this!

  8. I am not a teen but had to compliment you on your blog! Sorry! I will go now :)

  9. I'm underwater. Better hold my breath, and good thing I can swim. But im closest to District 12.

  10. Actually, it's District 13. Don't have le glasses on...

  11. So I'm a rebel, apparently. I'm such I rebel that I post in THREE DIFFERENT COMMENTS. Snow's out to get me now!!!! :)