Thursday, August 5, 2010

Forums, book clubs, and sister sites oh my!

Hey guys, so.. I believe we posted once about the forum... but I don' think anyone has used it yet. Anyways, it's basically a forum just to talk about books, book related things, post reviews, promote your blog, etc. It is The Mortal's Library forum, however, Shelbie and I are not running it. We just figured it'd be a lot to handle and we really have a lot more interest in this blog. Anyways, our friend Jenni is running it! She's done a great job so far, and has everything set up, but now we just need people to go join!

Also, Jenni has her own blog called The Mortal's Book Club, which is our sister site! On there you sign up to read one, two, or all of the three books they are having for book club, and the books change every two weeks. Not sure if Jenni will post reviews or if it will just be a book club/discussion blog. But anyways, go check it out!

Book Club:

Anyways, go check it out!

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