Friday, August 6, 2010

Guest Post: Fantasy Profile with Rebecca Maizel

Hey guys, in honor of Fantasyfest, each Friday we will be having themed guest posts, and our theme for the month is a Fantasy Profile! Our guest posts have answered questions on all things fantasy so we can see their fantasy profiles. For the first week of August, we have the amazing author of Infinite Days… Rebecca Maizel! We hope you enjoy her fantasy profile and be sure to check out the schedule for the rest of the month HERE. And don't forget to go buy her debut novel, Infinite Days!

Name/Alias: Rebecca Maizel (Author of Infinite Days)

Blog Name/URL: OR

Favourite Fantasy Book (standalone): Toss up. Beating Heart – AM Jenkins or Un Lun Dun – China MiĆ©ville

Favourite Fantasy Series: Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter Series

Favourite Fantasy Author: JK Rowling (hands down)

Last Fantasy Book Read: Beating Heart by AM Jenkins. INCREDIBLE. Go run and read it NOW

If you could be a fantasy creature what would you be and why?

I’d be a mermaid. I want to swim in the sea, check out the fish, see what dolphins do when humans can’t watch them. I want to see sharks in action and baby seals.

Who would be your dream fantasy character boyfriend/girlfriend?
Aragorn from Lord of the Rings. Tough, kinda sexy but he’s also smart. I also love Cedric Diggory!

Who would be your dream fantasy character best friend? I think Alice from the Twiight series would be a pretty amazing friend. She can see the future, is really generous and is very caring.

Which fantasy character would you like at your arm during a party? Why?
Peeta from the Hunger Games. Eye candy! And you know he can take care of himself if you want to go dance with your friends. :)

Which fantasy character do you think is the most like you?
The main character of my new novel, Infinite Days. I thought I could relate to her the best – I should hope so! I wrote her!

Who is your favourite badass fantasy villain?
Dolores Umbridge. I still grit my teeth when I think about her!

Who is your favourite fantasy hero/heroine?
Katniss – for sure.

Which fantasy character would you like to be if you could be anyone?
Katniss. She is so brave and can take care of herself.

Thank you so much to Rebecca for being our first guest post-er! Make sure to go buy her debut novel Infinite Days, in stores now!

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