Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mockingjay Thoughts - SPOILERS

I’m sorry if you haven’t read Mockingjay and you’re tempted to read even though you haven’t read it. Trust me, I’ve been there. The book is 100% better spoiler free. Don’t ruin it for yourself and go away!

1. Confession: I didn’t know what team to be on after Catching Fire. I was on the fence, leaning toward Peeta but not on the actual team. Scandalous I know.

2. Guess who’s in school mode and every time she looked at the cover, saw the symbolism of it. Did you catch it? On the cover of The Hunger Games the bird (I’m assuming it’s a Mockingjay) is pretty much all enclosed in the circle pattern. I.e. that the capitol has control over the districts, but they are kind of trying to get out of it and break some rules. On the Catching Fire cover the Mockingjay’s wings are pretty far out of the circle. I.e. The rise of the rebellion. Finally the Mockingjay cover has the circle broken and the Mockingjay is flying free. And then I knew the rebels were going to overthrow the capitol eventually. But it was kinda obvious without my deep thinking on the cover.

3. I hated District 13 from the start. I hate the governments that are all planned and scheduled and you can’t decide anything for yourself. Hi, let me decide when I have dinner and when I go training and what I wear today, thankyouverymuch. If our government for some reason is ever like that someone will get punched in the face. I also think that both District 13 and the capitol are exactly the same but with different leaders. They both do the exact same things, torture, random fire, propaganda their side, explode mountains without giving people warning. They are just as bad as the capitol. Both sides of this equation suck. Katniss should just live in the woods.

4. I love Haymitch. He is one of the best parts of the book. He is so funny, but also caring and I looove that he turns to be her guardian at the end. Well not the very end because she’s old. But like the last chapter (: He is very fatherly to her and it’s sooo cute!

5. Everyone knew Peeta would be okay, so I was half expecting him to really be dead. Interesting that they made him the winner of the hunger games. I suppose they needed one. It’s really lame that they made Peeta a traitor it was obviously scripted or something, he was not talking on his own free will.

6. I liked Katniss’s speech in District 8. Fire is catching, and if we burn you burn with us.

7. I hate the Propos. They are so fake. Hi District 13 you are the head of the rebellion. Not selling Proactiv. You don’t need ad campaigns. It’s just stupid.

8. Did it say in the beginning that Pollux was an Avox? Because I had to figure it out on my own, that he had to write stuff down and made like gargle-y noises. I’m sitting there like What are you? Sick or something? Why can’t you talk!?!

9. All the district songs are really depressing. The hanging tree?! That’s the song you teach to your children?

10. Question: If Peeta was Tracker Jacked Up, why did he warn District 13 of attack? Or wasn’t he jacked up yet? But it seems like that’s a lot of damage to do in a small amount of time. Ps. The scene where he gets beat up = super duper sad. ):

11. Super sad also = when they all worked so hard to rescue him and Katniss was all excited to see him and he tried to strangle her. That made me depressed.

12. I HATE that District 13 blew up the nut without giving the people inside a chance to surrender. I get that they didn’t give District 12 a chance to surrender but aren’t we supposed to be proving were better than the capitol. Not their equal. I hate District 13. Team live in the woods!

13. Why are there so many bread mentions? That is so random.

14. Katniss wouldn’t have gotten shot if she acted like a normal person instead of the spokesperson for the rebellion, when she was just talking to him for reals about how she didn’t wanna blow up the nut and whatnot he was agreeing with her, but instead she got all Join the Rebellion! And got shot.

15. I love that sex symbol Finnick loves crazy Annie. Their wedding is adorable. I love that Peeta got better by making the cake. That whole chapter just makes me smile (:

16. I loves Johanna. She’s so spunky. I always liked her even in Catching Fire. Even though she’s a druggie.

17. “Star Squad” by butt. It should really be called the “People We Care about More Than the Actual Soldiers So We Aren’t Going to Put them on the Front Lines but Everyone Else is Free to Die for us Squad”. Did I mention I hate District 13? They are so stupid and fake.

18. Peeta needs to get it together. No one else is wandering around saying they should be murdered and at the very least Johanna went through the same shit. But everyone went through a lot and you don’t see them wanting to kill themselves. Man up Peeta.

19. I hate that Finnick is dead. HOW CAN YOU KILL FINNICK AFTER HIS CUTE WEDDING?!?! Ugh. Makes me angry. At least he was able to marry Annie.

20. Playing dress up in the Capitol would be the most fun thing ever!

21. I enjoy Gale and Peeta’s calm discussion while fighting over the same girl. It’s rather funny that they are so cool to just talk about it as bro’s.

22. Glad Katniss didn’t shoot Gale because everything turned out okay. It would be a whole lot more annoying therapy if she killed Gale.


24. I didn’t think the capitol killed the kids. It was too messy and unorganized. They risked too many peacekeepers and I think the peacekeepers would have known. Either someone else did it or something in the capitol’s system malfunctioned. Do you know whose fault that is? The people I’ve been blaming since the beginning! Guess who knew it!

25. So if she killed Coin what happened to Snow? Did he just get executed or did he live a long and happy life elsewhere?

26. Will SOMEONE explain Katniss’s reasoning on why the hell they are having another Hunger Games?!?! She knows what it’s like to be in the arena don’t even “For Prim.” There is no way ON EARTH she would ever wish what she suffered waiting for Katniss to come home and wondering if she would have to watch her sister get murdered on anyone else. That is just so stupid. District 13 got to her.

27. Finally on the second to last page Katniss discovers that she loves Peeta. Took her long enough.

28. Last lines are epic
That’s when I make a list in my head of every act of goodness I’ve seen someone do. It’s like a game. Repetitive. Even a little tedious after more than twenty years.

But there are worse games to play.


  1. team live in the woods. lol! and i was pissed that prim had to die. its like katniss did it all for nothing. and i was not happy that katniss said she wasnt sure if she could ever forgive gale for his part in the bombing even though he didnt know thats what it would be used for. oh and snow died but the book said they werent sure if it was from a coughing fit or if he got trampled in the hooplah. also they way she picked which boy to love kinda threw me off since there was zero romance in this book. like just cause you have shared messed up lives, thats basis for a relationship? i mean i guess it worked out ok but i wish gale would have gotten more of a shot and peeta wasnt really her first choice anyway.

  2. oh and i dont think katniss was ok with another hunger games, i think she was trying to say that someone was going to die for killing all those kids, including her sister but since coin was in the room it was more of a veiled death threat. thats what i thought anyway.

  3. From your comment about the mockingjay on the cover, you seem to have a good eye for details; however, this does not explain many of your comments, but since it is not my job to edit your work, I will just mention a few as to clear up confusion. 8:It said twice, maybe three tiems directly that Pollux was an Avox, and the whole scene of the squad traveling down the sewer is based on Pollux's experience down there because he was an Avox. 23:Prim is killed to represent that nobody's life is guranteed in a war. 25: Snow died, either from choking to death on his blood while laughing at the assassination of Coin, or he was trampled. We DO know that he was later found dead, from either of the above causes. A couple of other details are wrong, but I totally agrree with your opinions about Haymitch, Finnick, Peeta, and basically everything else. Hope I helped!!!

  4. President Snow dies by chocking on his own Blood or getting run over by the crowd. :)

  5. This might help answer your question in 26 (why Katniss voted on having another Hunger Games)

    And in response to question 10, I think that Peeta had not yet been hijacked when he warned of the attack on District 13, and that the capitol hijacked him after this happened to punish him and prevent it from happening again.