Friday, August 13, 2010

Guest Post: Fantasy Profile with Jeremy West

Hey guys, in honor of Fantasyfest, each Friday we will be having themed guest posts, and our theme for the month is a Fantasy Profile! Our guest posts have answered questions on all things fantasy so we can see their fantasy profiles. This week we have Jeremy West from Novel Thoughts. Make sure to check out the schedule for the rest of the month HERE.

*** We'd also like to wish Jeremy a happy belated birthday! His birthday was three days ago so if you haven't already, what are you waiting for? Go forth and wish him a happy birthday now! Tell him Shelbie and Amanda sent ya. :) ***

This is for you Jeremy:

Name/Alias: Jeremy West

Blog Name/URL: Novel Thoughts (

Favourite Fantasy Book (standalone): Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

Favourite Fantasy Series: Harry Potter

Favourite Fantasy Author: JK Rowling

Last fantasy book you read: City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare

If you could be a fantasy creature what would you be and why? Nephilim (Shadowhunter) from The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare because they fight demons and they're half angel!

Who would be your dream fantasy character girlfriend? Ridley from Beautiful Creatures

Who would be your dream fantasy character best friend? Harry "freakin" Potter! Because I'm the Ron to his Harry...I'm the redheaded friend!

Which fantasy character would you like at your arm during a party? Lena Duchannes because no one would mess with me.

Which fantasy character do you think is the most like you? Jace Wayland...because he is strong-willed, powerful, and independent. He's also just flat out cool when he fights downworlders!

Which fantasy character would you not get along with? Why? Jacob Black...because he can tan and I can't.

Who is your favourite badass fantasy villain? Sarafine from Beautiful Creatures! Read the book and you'll find out how badass she really is!

Who is your favourite fantasy hero/heroine? Lena (Beautiful Creatures) because she is misunderstood yet battles things that no one will ever have to.

Which fantasy character would you like to be if you could be anyone? Dumbledore...why not? You tell me :)

Which fantasy character would you like to play in the movie representation? A redhead version of Ethan Wate.

Thank you Jeremy for doing a guest post with us! Be sure to visit his blog, Novel Thoughts.

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