Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Low Red Moon by Ivy Devlin

Release Date: 9/14/2010
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 256

Avery Hood is reeling from the loss of her parents--and the fact that she can't remember what happened to them even though she was there.

She's struggling to adjust to life without them, and to living with her grandmother, when she meets Ben, who isn't like any guy she's ever met before.

It turns out there's a reason why, and Ben's secret may hold the key to Avery finding out what happened to her parents...

But what if that secret changes everything she knows about--and feels for--Ben?

Okay the back cover and the everything made this books seem so good it had so much potential! Unfortunately Low Red Moon was a miss for me... let me tell you why...

The characters were okay but they were nothing special, I feel like we didn't know enough about Avery to really connect with her, I wish that we would have gotten to know her better so when she talked I didn't zone out... For Ben, there was nothing I particularly liked about him! I felt like he could be a character that had potential to be such a swoon-worthy character but I just found him boring.

The plot was predictable and also sort of boring. Everything made it out to be one of those books you have to read during one sitting where you can't stop reading because the bad thing in the book is gonna get you if you don't finish. Know what I'm talking about? No? Okay, anyway... When I read some of the goodreads summaries everyone was like "didn't predict the shocking ending!", I predicted the ending, I'm not sure if it was my obsession with Bones or my basic reasoning skills, but I definitely figured it out long before Avery did. It's not like it's the obvious choice but if you use your deductive reasoning you can definitely figure it out. And the relationship! Ugh! I hate the relationships where the couples meet and it's like "Hi. I love you." "Oh, hi it's nice to meet you too. I love you." What?! Relationships don't happen where one second you meet someone and the next you are making out in your abandoned house (which was a crime scene btw!) Now I just feel like I'm bashing it, but I still wish there was more to the relationship and more to the characters and the plot. It seemed like the main suspect changed every page! I think that the novel would have been a lot deeper if you would have had a longer time to think about the reasons why each person would try to kill her family. You know?

Okay. I am ending the review here before it gets into even more of a rant than it already is! Hope everyone's having a great Fantasyfest and make sure to enter the Infinite Days contest before Sunday!




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