Sunday, August 1, 2010

Author Interview: Rebecca Maizel + Giveaway!

Hey guys, like we promised, we have an interview with the awesome author of Infinite Days, Rebecca Maizel! We hope you enjoy this interview, and make sure to buy her Debut Novel; Infinite Days when it comes out on August 3rd! Also, make sure to go check out our calendar for August HERE and see what else we've got in store for Fantasyfest 2010!

What were you like as a teen? How did this affect your writing or you wanting to write, if at all?
I wore my heart on my sleeve all the time. I was a real romantic and I completely believed in finding that storybook romance. I would have loved Infinite Days as a teen because I wanted to believe in that never ending love and that it was possible for me to find in my high school!

My sister is older than me so when I was a kid in 1991, she got her first video camera. Most of my friends were playing with Barbies, I was making movies of my Barbies! I think I was a creative kid but my creativity was harnessed in a narrative way. I was always writing, creating.

What books/authors were you into as a teen?
Babysitters Club! I loved the Babysitters club!
YA wasn’t the same (I was a teen in the 90s) as it is now, there wasn’t as much to choose from but I really adored Judy Blume, she wrote about all the things I was afraid to ask my parents and friends.

Why did you choose to write a young adult fantasy novel instead of another genre or age group?
As a young adult the best times of your life are ahead of you. You may not know it, you may think your life is really down and out but in the end all of the choices of all of your days are far ahead. I loved juxtaposing that to Lenah’s dark past. I love writing for young adults.

Who was the first person (besides you) to read Infinite Days? How did they help you during or after the writing process?

My friend Amanda, who is one of the most brilliant teenagers I’ve ever met. She was the first reader, she always is! She gives me honest feedback. Whatever she does later in life is going to be amazing.

If you could describe Infinite Days in three words, what would they be?
How about phrases and words? :)

1. Falling irrevocably in love.

2. Red roses, lavender, and rosemary.

3. Letting go.

What song (or two) describes Infinite Days?

1.I keep listening to Kate Nash’s - Nicest Thing

2.Coldplay’s – Fix You

Which Infinite Days character is most like you, if any?
Sometimes, I look at the world like I’m standing on the outside looking in. I think a lot of writers feel this way. This is what connects me most to Lenah, my main character. I also think I have a mischievous streak like Tony. :)

Are there any people in real life that you’ve based a character off of?
No, this is an interesting question, though. All of my characters have come from my head, which I suppose is an amalgamation of all of my experiences, and people I’ve met.

Which Infinite Days character was the most fun to write and why?
Oh boy. I can tell you I am having a ball writing a certain character in book 2 but for Infinite Days, I loved writing Rhode. He was so romantic! I also loved writing Justin; especially the end scenes.

Which Infinite Days character would you like as your best friend, and why?
Oooh! Tony, for sure. He’s fun, loyal, and really smart. I would love to have him in my life every day.

What is one thing readers should pay attention to in Infinite Days?
That’s a hard question. I think people should know it’s a story about coming back to life. How you can rise above your past and accept the choices you’ve made.

In the end, what do you want your readers to take away from Infinite Days?
I hope you love this book. I hope I’ve written something that you can’t put down!

Now, one last question we can’t resist asking. Can you tell us anything about the sequel to Infinite Days?
No! But I can tell you that the prologue and first chapter of STOLEN NIGHTS (the sequel) are at the end of the final copies of Infinite Days.

That’s all we’ve got, is there anything else you’d like to add, anything we missed?
August 3rd!! :) That’s when Infinite Days hits the shelves.

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