Friday, August 27, 2010

Blog Hop 4

It's time for another weekend blog hop! I love the hop and I was really sad when I woke up on Monday and was like "Oh yeah I just missed the whole weekend. Dang" I must have just been checked out last weekend. I don't know what was up with me :)

The Blog Hop is hosted by Crazy for Books, and if doing the hop is something you think you would like to do go click the link and check it out! Also, leave a comment below this post with links to your post because sometimes I can't get to every blog hop link or I'll accidentally skip one or something.... sooo yeah, now that I've done my sufficient rambling.....

This weeks question:

Do you use a rating system for your reviews and if so, what is it and why?
Yes, we use one. We have an overall rating out of five stars for the overall enjoyment of the book and then we have a rating of out of five stars for four different categories, Cover, Characters, Plot, Writing and Ending. Why do we use it? I think just because it sort of evolved into what it is now, we used to only show the overall and then we just had Characters, Plot and Writing and then we added Cover and now we just added Ending, who knows maybe in a couple months we'll add something else. This is just what works for us at the moment :)
Like i said leave a comment with your posts I would love to read them!
Have an awesome weekend and make sure to put in your last entries for the CSN Giveaway which ends tomorrow. Don't forget about the Ultimate Swag Bag Giveaway either! Remember it ends at 11:59 on the 31st!


  1. Hi, Shelbie & Amanda!

    Just hopping by! I'm already a follower of your blog.


    Musings of a Reader Happy

  2. Hopping by to wish you a happy, relaxing weekend!

  3. Hi there! *waves*

    Hopping over via hop! you blog is looking fantastic! Sometimes I wish my blog design was different! Definitely hopping over soem over time too! Have a lovely weekend! I follow you already!

    Til next time!
    Badass Bookie xx (Lisa)

  4. Hi! Great blog and sweet background colour.:)
    I came here trough the hop!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Hi ladies! I'm a new follower from the blog hop, and can I just saw how beautiful your blog looks?! I absolutely love the header!

    I don't use a defined rating system, but rather just rate out of five stars :)

  6. Hopping in from the hop to say have a great Weekend!

    Already a follower :)

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  7. Hey there! Just hopping by! If you have a chance, stop by The Wormhole and check out my 300 follower giveaway! Happy reading – have a great weekend!

  8. Happy Friday!! Love your header icon :D I'm a new follower so I look forward to visiting and seeing what you're up to. Come by to see me if you have free time

  9. I'm just hopping through. I saw you read Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers. I haven't read it yet but I did read Cracked Up To Be and really enjoyed.

    I'm now a follower.

    Have an awesome weekend!
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  10. Hello! =) I am already a follower and just hopping by to say hi! Have a great weekend!

    Bailey at IB Book Blogging

  11. Hi! Just stopping by through the hop and am now following your blog. I'll be back to see what you have to say about the books you guys are reading.


  12. I'm a new follower. Happy weekend. Come see what my rating system is.