Saturday, August 14, 2010

Quotes 8.14.2010

Hey guys I haven't done quotes in a while so I thought I would do them today.

These quotes are from The Demon's Covenant by Sarah Rees Brennan, I would've put up The Demon's Lexicon quotes but I lost them in my Nook and I have no idea where they went! So, yeah these are from the second book but I promise not to spoil anything!

5. "I have friends in Exeter already. I have -- those people, you know, they hang around outside the bike sheds, they're always hassling Jamie."
"Those are some awesome dudes, don't let them get away."

4. Alan had explained that circles with knives inside were a sign magicians had their messengers carry, promising death to anyone who interfered with them.
Mae had always thought that jewelry should make a statement.

3. "I thought demons weren't supposed to lie,"
"We don't, but I am in full possession of the amazing power of being sarcastic."

2. "Sometimes when you pull knives on people, they get this impression that you're going to hurt them, and then they're completely terrified. Crazy, I know!"

1. "I came to gaze on your sleeping face. Only you had the blanket over your head, so I just had to gaze at a lump I thought was your sleeping face, and that turned out to be your shoulder. Which just wasn't as special."
"Your life is hard."

Those are your quotes today!


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