Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Reincarnation by Suzanne Weyn


It starts in prehistory. A young man and a young woman fight over a precious jewel. Their time together is short, but the reverberations are lasting. Years pass. Generations pass. Centuries pass. But fate keeps drawing them together. Whenever their paths cross, there is that strange attraction. That unexplainable affinity. That feeling that they've been together before.

Theirs is a love haunted by history. From Egyptian slavery to Greek society. From Massachusetts witch trials to Civil War battlefields. From Paris in the 1930s to the present day. Circumstances will fight them... but a greater force will reunite them. Because some people are meant for eachother - no matter how long it takes.

Okay, so I would have written my own summary, but it's just too hard to explain.Overall, I think this was a pretty good book. Not amazing, but pretty dang good! I think what really drew me in was the little details that would travel on from life to life, and the fact that the supporting characters got reincarnated too. As you go throughout the book, the lovers always have something that symbolizes the green rock they fought over the first time, like a pair of green peridot earrings. And also, the love and the characters grow throughout all of the lives, so they don't start off from scratch each live. Like the guy who you start off disliking, because he seems forceful and just not nice, but you end up liking him as he goes about his lives. And then there is the redhead, who is always desperate for a man to love her, but in the end she becomes a good friend and lover. I also enjoyed the little quirks that got passed on to their future lives. Like the guy lover's headpain and scars, and his knack for writing music. And the girl lover's sprained ankle, fear of fire, and beautiful singing voice. It really made the reincarnation process a whole lot less confusing because their quirks let you know who was who. So anyways, those little details made the plot AMAZING. Weyn also wrote her characters really well, you really grew along with them. I'd have to say the thing I liked the least was the dialogue, just because there wasn't anything really special about her writing style. But otherwise, I loved this book!

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