Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Amanda Project by Melissa Kantor


Freshman Callie Leary wishes that her mother hadn't mysteriously disappeared, that her family still had money, and that her father wasn't drinking. So far she ahs kept the state of her family a secret, but it's becoming more difficult. Then one morning Callie is called to the vice principal's office with two other students, Hal and nia. It seems that their classmate, Amanda Valentino, painted the vice principal's car with graffiti, left clues on their lockers, and then disappeared. Unsure of the connection between Amanda and themselves, they decide to follow the clues and solver her disappearance. But as they dig deeper, they find that Amanda wasn't exactly truthful about her life and finding her will not be easy.

Ok, so I found this book when I went to the library with our book club. Of course I was intrigued by the fact that it was the AMANDA project, but it ended up being more than I could’ve ever hoped for. When Callie meets Hal and Nia, she thinks they are total freaks. (Even if one is a hot freak.) But in the end this all changes, because (one of the many things I liked about the plot) Amanda’s disappearance wasn’t just a coincidence, and she doesn’t just want them to find her, she wants them to find each other. Amanda’s hidden motive was to bring them together to right Callie’s past. Another thing that lends to the amazing story was the dialogue and hat it gives to the characters. Everyone in the book has their distinct dialogue. Hal is the “deep” artsy peace maker. Callie is the complicated one, who makes sure to make her life look perfect on the outside even though it is truly horrible. And Nia is my favorite. She has so many witty comebacks and one liners! I also love how she keeps surprising Callie. She surprises her with her subtle style, her gorgeous parents, and seemingly perfect home life. I guess I like her because she is a lot like me. (: I also like the little twists and turns in the plot, they really get enhanced by Callie’s flashbacks. Overall this book is amazing, and you all should go read it. I am so excited because it is the first of 8 and the next one comes out on June 22 (: Enjoy!

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