Wednesday, June 30, 2010

LOTW 3: Top 5 Series that are Ending/ Ended

So seeing as the end of 10 Things I Hate about You is in thirty minutes, I am in a very melancholy "everything is ending" mindset. Hello! Lost? Anyone. And with graduation in roughly
15 days where I go to school, like I said, very "everything is ending."

So I thought I'd spin that into something positive-ish, and do my top 5 series that have ended/are ending VERY soon. So, here they are, enjoy it while you can! :)

5.) The Heir Series. I loved all the characters and Cinda Williams Chima's writing, I also loved the idea and the plot.

4.) The Gemma Doyle Trilogy. I love, love, love Libba Bray's writing. I also loved Gemma's perspective on things, and that this series was chilling, but didn't have me completely shaking in my boots.

3.) The Gallagher Girls Series. I loved the whole spy school idea, and I love the cast, especially the love interest, Zach, oh Swoonage! But, I do feel that this is where it should end.

2.) Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I will miss Percy deeply, but I am super phyched for the new Camp Half Blood series, beginning with The Lost Hero, I wonder how it will differ from Percy, it will be interesting to see.

1.) Pretty Little Liars. Pretty Little Liars was totally my guilty pleasure! Getting through i think four in one trip with friends, I was so hooked. How can you not be? I love the drama and the intrigue and the secrets! An added bonus of a little romance and witty lines, plus a little bit of 'don't look behind you' creepy-ness. I will definitely miss Pretty Little Liars when it ends with Wanted on June 8th.


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