Wednesday, June 30, 2010

LOTW 2: Top 5 Most Villainous Villains

Last week I did lover's so this week I thought I would do villains :)

5.) A (Pretty Little Liars) A know's all of your secrets. AND is willing to hit your best friend with a truck. Watch out.

4.) Valentine (City of Bones) evil fathers to a whole new level. This one is hell bent on taking out everyone you hold dear...

3.) Visily Romani (Heist Society) Taking down someone who can steal already stolen artwork. Good luck with that.

2.) The Capitol (The Hunger Games) Try and take down your whole government while your at it...

1.) Kronos (The Lightning Theif) Fighting a god? No prob. Fighting a TITAN? Now that's a challenge.

Hope you liked!


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