Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard





Rosewood, PA, is filled with mansions, Mercedes, and fortunate girls like Alison, Spencer, Emily, Aria, and Hanna. These five friends are bound together by a horrible secret. Until the summer after seventh grade, when Alison goes missing. Now high school juniors, each of the remaining girls is going through a trying time and has a new secret. Spencer is falling for her sister's boyfriend, Aria is involved in a relationship with her teacher, Emily has issues with her sexual identity, and Hanna has an eating disorder. They think that no one knows about these things, until all four of them begin to get mysterious notes, e-mails, and text messages from someone by the name of A. They are afraid that Alison is back, and the mocking tone of the messages makes them worry that she could be ready to divulge their hidden past. Will she? (from

Pretty Little Liars was a book that I kept getting recommended to from and I just never got around to getting them, and kept forgetting or really wanted to get something else when I was at my local B&N, so I just kept putting it off and putting it off... well, I finally got it a couple weekends ago, and I've gotta tell you, I was hook, line, and sinkered... I just finished number eight Heartless and am waiting with open arms for number nine Wanted. I do have to warn all the readers of this blog that some of the content is really mature... just read the decription above, I definitely don't think that anyone specifically CAN'T handle it, but if you are one of those people who just don't really like borderline mature books, then I'd sit this one out.

Moving on, I feel like this concept is an age old "you're not alone" book, but it has a brand new twist that makes it extra juicy, the main point is drama, drama, drama, and pulls it off flawlessly, so if you're a definite drama queen, you should check Pretty Little Liars out. Also, I loved that every character had something to hide, it made everyone seem more real and made the situation wayyy more... what's the word? Drama Filled. This concept is also very intriguing and will keep you at the edge of your seat up until the cliffhanger ending, yeah, you have been warned... approach with caution :)



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