Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Angel Fall by Coleman Luck

Lightning in is falling in sheets.
A wind is blowing that is larger than this world.
In the middle of the strangest storm in history, an airliner crashes into the ocean and only three young people survive - a brother and his two sisters. But they are not together and the cean is not on earth.
Alex, Amanda, and Tori Lancaster have entered Boreth, a world of ancient devestation and deep evil ruled by the Worwil - seven creatures of immense power who existed before any world began. Through this world they must travel, into terror and temptation, every choice taking them closer to endless night. Scarred with fires of hell and heaven, their pasts are torn from their souls.
But shadowing each of them is a mysterious Being covered in scars wo has faced ten-thouand battles. A being filled with the longing of ages. A longing to heal the broken-hearted.
Okay, so.... this book is a piece of art. It is a masterpiece. I loved everything about it! I loved Tori and Amanda's fearlessness as they went on their journey, and their hope and love for something greater than themselves. And yes, I even liked Alex, even though he was the one who made all the stupid mistakes. (After all, you have to have at least one character that makes stupid mistakes.) Now, the only part I wouldn't have normally given five stars is the dialogue. BUT I did give it five stars because it had poems and songs from that fantasy world that made it seem so real. Oh and the imagery, I fell in love with Boreth! Coleman Luck painted a beautiful picture in my mind. And last but not least, I also loved the plot. There were many twists and turns, and the characters were constantly fighting a new enemy (not necessarily a tangible object or person.) The characters were constantly fighting against themselves, their environment, or another person. There aren't a lot of books that you get character vs self, character vs nature, and character vs character. And Coleman Luck wrote all of these conflicts incredibly well. Definitely one of my favorite books, and hopefully soon to be yours.
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