Friday, December 17, 2010

30 Days of Bookmas!

We are starting a new event today, called 30 Days of Bookmas. Some of you may be familliar with Fantasyfest which we do in August. 30 Days of Bookmas will work in a similar way.

This event will run from today December 17th to January 15th and we have some pretty awesome stuff for you!

We have lined up guest posts from some of our favorite bloggers and interviews with pretty awesome authors, we will be having some cool theme posts that will go up around the event and some wicked awesome giveaways (The first one starts on Sunday!)

You can keep updated by going to the tag cloud bubble thing on the right ---> and clicking on Bookmas, because our 30 days of Bookmas stuff will all be tagged under that tag. Anyways, keep checking in here and have a Merry Bookmas!

xoxo and love always,
Shelbie and Amanda

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