Sunday, September 26, 2010

Homecoming Festivities!

Alright so I posted a poll and a lot of you had really great ideas for how to make this post really good. I would love love love LOVE if you posted this on your blog and linked it here, because a lot of you said you would :) I love hearing about what's going on in peoples lives and things like that so.... yeah. :)

Homecoming dance was yesterday! Both me and Amanda looked fabulous if I do say so myself :) and we had so much fun! (well at least I know I did) The dj played crappy music, they ran out of water right away, it was steamy in the commons with like 500 people in there and I had a blast! It was a great ending to an awesome homecoming week!

The week is back to normal except for the fact that I have drivers ed both this week and next. Time to watch videos of what happens when you are a bad driver. Everyone that has already had drivers ed says that it's a riveting experience. For someone who can't stand the sight of real or fake blood. I can tell that these next few weeks are going to be interesting.

Were reading The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka in English, and the story is quite interesting. I have no idea how the writer could come up with a story like that, and make it deep. It's quite baffling. (For those of you who don't know, the story is about a man who wakes up a spider one day.)

I'm currently working my way through Hunger by Michael Grant, but it's a slow and steady read and monster huge, I also haven't really been in the mood for reading (or much of anything for that fact).

I'm also getting my aunt's blog set up. Currently has one post, but were working on it! (it's HERE if you want to check it out.)

I shall go to bed, shamelessly seeing as it is 8:30, or maybe I will watch Prince of Persia so I can stare at Jake Gyllenhaal *sighs*. Either way, I will see you guys in the future!


What is the last movie you've seen? Did you like it? Why?

Link below with your posts please!!!!


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  1. the last movie I saw was Prince of Persia. quite ironic...