Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Life at School...

This is going to be a random "What am I up to" post. So if you don't like those feel free to skip.

I started school today. I'm a sophomore this year, I'm in advanced english and math and taking one AP class. I have a feeling this might be an intense year. Anyway, I got to school this morning and my locker combo didn't work, which was awesome because that is like one of my biggest fears. So I went to my counselor and they gave my like 5 different locker combos to try. None of them worked so they had me store my backpack in the office for the duration of the day. That was super awesome.

Do/did you guys have those lame "get to know you" exercises on the first day? On of my personal favs is the scavenger hunt, where you get a piece of paper with character traits like "I own a reptile" or "I like to sing" and you have to find people that fit those. I'll tell you first day of school is always full of many exciting things.

I got my ARC of Personal Demons today! YAYYY! Our friend Looksie Lovitz sent it to me because she is awesome. She definitely had a tape party on the package and I wish that I would have videotaped me opening it because it had an intense taping case. lol. So I got to sign my syllabus' for "homework" tonight and then I am off to read and dance tonight, then go to sleep early to get up early tomorrow for another exciting day at at school. So it begins.

later yall.



  1. haha! sorry! it was the post office lady!! she seemed really intent on making sure the package was "secure." lol. i actually didnt have any packing tape at all and asked if she could tape it for me and not make me buy a roll. that's ok though, im sure you had fun tearing it apart.

    one time i got a birthday present that was a box within a box within a box within a box. and each box had like half a roll of duct tape on it. what was the gift? a box of fruity pebbles. it took me like 2 hours to open a box of cereal.

  2. Ah jeez. Smart people really get to me. Intimidation does that you know. I'm a junior myself and I'm only in one AP class, the rest are honors, so I'm feeling pretty good (academic wise. sleep wise, I'm a zombie.) I didn't go to school today because I burned out last night.

    Oh my gosh! I hate those introduction exercises! We actually didn't have to do that AT ALL this year! THANK GOODNESS! That was all I did last year beginning of each semester. Including the dreaded scavenger hunt. That was civics. I was the one that signed, "I am a mellow person." Someone else had the audacity to sign their name there.

    Being a junior is fun. I have a lot of freshmen friends--god that does make me feel old. I can walk around and say to them, "Oh yeah, I had her last year. God awful teacher." XD

    Good luck!! Keep your game face on! :)