Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Month in Review: August 2010

Yo. Whaddup my blogger peeps?

This past month was a pretty epic month for The Mortals Library. Which makes it super fun for me to do this month's review.

The Usual Suspects:

1 new quote page
8 News Updates
11 Reviews (7 were of Fantasy books)
3 Blogger Interviews
2 Author Interviews
65 Sweet Twitter Followers
131 Epic Blog Followers!

Cool Stuff Unique to This Month:

    1. Fantasyfest! Our first full month blogger party (I'm blanking on what exactly to call it)
    2. We surpassed 100 Blog Followers but were too busy with Fantasyfest to throw a party for it. Don't worry when we reach 200 then we will :)
    3. The Cassandra Clare interview we did was translated into Italian. So that was pretty cool!
    4. We caused some Twitter controversy with the fan cover at the bottom of the above interview. We had issues with people thinking we premiered the real one here. Not true. But if it was that would be sweet. lol.

Up and Coming:

For us, school starts on Tuesday. It usually takes me (and maybe Amanda idk) a while to get back into the swing of things schoolwise and activitywise once it starts. So don't be too shocked if the blog is kind of on the back burner until we get integrated back into the schedule of school and school-like things, especially because Amanda and I are both taking very academically challenging classes this year.

Our piggybanks and the fact that we'd both like to keep semi-eventful social lives (I know apperently we have those!) unfortunately can't afford to have a themed blog party every month so were back to just normal Mortal's Library things for September! But Amanda and I are already started on the next party :) which I am super physched for!

That's what's up with The Mortal's Library. What's up for you?


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