Sunday, October 3, 2010

Movies and Books...

Okay, I feel super duper bad about only doing these posts but I was in drivers ed last week and am this week too, so I have no time to do anything! So I try to stay on schedule for at least these posts. :) But, please do a random blog post and put it in the linky below, because I do these posts to see whats up in everyone's lives. So PLEASE PLEASE do one and link it! :)

I saw Orphan yesterday... it was SO creepy!! So sososososososo creepy! I like can't even describe it. But yea, if your looking to get creeped out, there is your place! lol. I also think me and my momma are going to see Easy A today. I saw it with friends on opening night
and it was fantastic! So I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing it again.

I think maybe I'll get a new book today or soon because I haven't got one in a while. For school books I have to read Persepolis 2, so that will be fun. But yeah, maybe new book which means new review! Yay!

Well, I think thats about it for this post. I can't say this enough PLEASE link to your random post :)


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