Tuesday, June 14, 2011

LOTW 10: Favorite Bookish Websites

Good day readers! We haven't done a List of the Week in a LONG time, so I figured it was time to post one. This one is comprised of some of my favorite bookish websites (in no particular order). Enjoy!

1. Goodreads

Obviously this one isn't anything new and exciting, but it's great for all book lovers because of the reviews, customizable shelves, giveaways, quizzes etc.
2. Netgalley

This site is great for reviewers! Basically, its a website where bloggers/librarians/booksellers can request ebooks to review. I like it because its much faster than requesting an actual hardcopy and the review copies won't take up space on my bookshelf.

3. Paperback Swap

I actually just joined this site so I haven't had a chance to use it yet. But it has a really cool premise! Basically, you sign up, list the ISBN codes of some of the books you'd be willing to part with, and then you send them to people who want them and with every book you send you get one book credit to request a book from someone else. Its nice because it saves money, and it helps books receive more love :)

4. Free Book Friday

What can be better than getting free books? Nothing I tell ya. This website showcases different authors each week and each week gives away signed copies of that author's book. It's not just one book either, they give away a book from multiple genres each week including teens, romance, and indie. Its a great opportunity to learn about cool books and win signed copies of them.

5. vampirelibrary.com

Okay, this website will only be cool if you're into vampires. I like this website for when I want... well vampire books. This website is a website dedicated only to vampire books. Fiction and non-fiction included. So when you're craving vampires... go to this website for recommendations!

6. whatshouldireadnext.com

This website is for the reader who constantly runs out of reading options and has no idea what to read. Basically, you type in a favorite book or author, click the one that matches best, and it gives you a list of books similar to that author/book. Way cool.

7. Edelweiss

This is another cool website for bloggers. Its an online publisher's catalog that combines the catalogs of several publishers' sites into one big site. Its also really cool because it supplies tools that tell you what books are being talked about now, books that won awards, etc. It also has a tool like Netgalley to request digital ARC review copies. I recommend this for the bloggers out there.

8. Publisher's websites- for teens!

Overall, I also love websites hosted by publishers created for teens. They provide great recommendations, giveaways, author showcases and more. Some I like:

randombuzzers.com (Random House Teens)

Pulse it! (Simon and Schuster Teens)

I hope you enjoyed these bookish websites!

Love always,



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