Monday, September 19, 2011

Lucky Number 7

Okay, so Princess Bookie is hosting Contest Craze, a fun event at her blog full of fun mini challenges by other bloggers. One of the mini challenges is the lucky number 7 challenge by Jessi from The Elliott Review.

So what exactly is the lucky number 7 challenge? Well, you open up to the book you are currently reading, go to page 7, look at the 7th word (if it is an article like a, an, the you go to the next word)and type that word into the Google search bar.

The book I picked is Sweetly by Jackson Pearce. The seventh word happens to be witch.

So here is my picture and my book!


I though it was pretty cool that it came up with a Puritanical witch image. Kind of Salem Witch Trials -esque.

Anyways, make sure to go see the other mini challenges and do your lucky number seven!

Love always,


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