Sunday, April 3, 2011

In My Mailbox 13

Hey everyone!

It's Sunday, and time for what I got In My Mailbox, I actually have some interesting stuff this week, if you would like to do one also, link it at The Story Siren and make sure to comment below with links to your mailbox!

In My Mailbox
The Queen Bee of Bridgeton by Leslie DuBois (Goodreads/Amazon)
Red Glove by Holly Black (Goodreads/Amazon)
The Demon Trapper's Daughter by Jana Oliver (Goodreads/Amazon)

Hope everyone's mailboxes were hearty this weekend!



  1. A week that will not overwhelm you. I'm looking forward to The Demon Trappers Daughter.

    Please do stop by for a crumpet, find out about a new MeMe & to check out my newest giveaway :)

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  2. Ive got The Demon Trappers Daughter on my Kobo. The Queen Bee Book looks like an awesome read :)
    New Follower

    BTW I read The Unidentified Last week and Loved it :)

  3. many book blogger recommended Red Glove to me. But I have not read the first book.
    Have you review the first book?
    I;d love to read it.

    IMM #10

  4. Demon Trapper's Daughter is on my wish list! I can't wait to read that one. Great set this week. I hope you enjoy every word :) You can find my mailbox over here:

  5. Great books! I really want to read Demon Trappers Daughter! I'm readinig and enjoying Red Glove now! Happy Reading!

    Great blog- I'm a new follower!

  6. Holy shizzle, I want ALL of those books! Never heard of the Queen Bee, but it looks great.

    Here's my IMM.

  7. Great books this week. I loved White Cat and am witing for Red Glove to arrive in the post!
    Happy reading.

  8. They all look good. I have The Demon Trapper's daughter in my TBR pile, I really need to start reading it soon!