Monday, March 28, 2011

XVI by Julia Karr

Release Date: 1.6.2011
Publisher: Puffin/Speak
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 325

Nina Oberon's life is pretty normal: she hangs out with her best friend, Sandy, and their crew, goes to school, plays with her little sister, Dee. But Nina is 15. And like all girls she'll receive a Governing Council-ordered tattoo on her 16th birthday. XVI. Those three letters will be branded on her wrist, announcing to all the world—even the most predatory of men—that she is ready for sex. Considered easy prey by some, portrayed by the Media as sluts who ask for attacks, becoming a "sex-teen" is Nina's worst fear. That is, until right before her birthday, when Nina's mom is brutally attacked. With her dying breaths, she reveals to Nina a shocking truth about her past—one that destroys everything Nina thought she knew. Now, alone but for her sister, Nina must try to discover who she really is, all the while staying one step ahead of her mother's killer.

For me, dystopian novels are either hit or miss. I really like high emotion books and sometimes that's where the dystopian books fall flat, well either that or I am so annoyed with the government I do everything but throw the book at the wall (which I did do at some points in Mockingjay, btw).

Anyway, this book definitely had emotions running high, like the whole time. I loved Nina, she was a great central character. Sal, Nina's love interest was okay I hope we get to know him a little more in the next book.

The plot was really new and fresh. There were a lot of suspenseful scenes that even got my blood pumping a little bit faster.

Overall very good. If you are looking for a dystopian novel with high emotions I recommend XVI!




  1. I really liked XVI and I can't wait to read Truth !! Great review !!

  2. I really liked this book. I read it when it came out, and I just couldn't put it down. I can't wait for the sequel